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Mezzanine Floors

We install mezzanine floors thereby enabling the working height of a space to be utilised to its full potential. Toni is our mezzanine project manager and she does this by doubling or tripling the surface area. Moreover, we design mezzanine floors as storage areas, changing rooms or offices, among other concepts. Installing a mezzanine floor is the best way of optimizing available space whether occupying the whole space or just the highest parts of the room.

We install mezzanine decks quickly, cleanly and easily. We completely disassemble mezzanines if required so that all parts are re-usable, and their structure, size or location is easily be modified. The mezzanine is easily adapted to meet specific needs. Through it’s wide range of sizes, floor types and construction systems. We complement most mezzanine floors with a variety of shelving systems.

Mezzanine floors applications

A common application is to use the bottom area as a work or order preparation zone and the top part as offices, complemented by drywall partitioning and suspended ceilings for a more agreeable working space.


We have several construction systems available to suit the load, column span and planned utility of the mezzanine floor. The most common mezzanine floors system has a carrying capacity of 250kg’s per square metre and consists of: Steel I-Beam Bearers and galvanized lip channel joists @ 480 centres. Bolted to steel square tube columns, bolted to concrete floor. All black steel work painted enamel grey. Finished off with 21mm Shutter ply timber decking although steel decking is also available. All systems come with an engineers completion certificate. Click here for an example of an engineers certificate

Take a look at these before and after pictures of a mezzanine structure with drywall which we did in Airport Industria

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floors

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