12 Vandoesburg Avenue, Bothasig, Cape Town

Rack Supported Mezzanine floor

Our rack supported mezzanine system is highly versatile and is suitable for small, medium and large installations. We produce it with varying sized and varying grades of steel frames and beams. This ensures solutions to a vast range of needs, thanks to the possibility to adjust the load capacity of the frames. This guarantees a combination of technical performance and economic benefits.

The ends of the beams are fitted with brackets, comprising 4 or 5 hooks, on three sides of the upright. The upright coupling lugs, made by deep drawing, are set out in different ways and consequently work
either under tension or under compression. Joint efficiency between uprights and beams increases what can be defined as the “joint coefficient”, optimising vertical and longitudinal capacity, to the extent that it is possible to minimise bracing without affecting the stability of the structure.

Rack supported mezzanine safety

A safety pin prevents any accidental disconnection of the beams. The APR12 components are available with painted or galvanised finish. The Ferretto Group solution guarantees the best balance among stability, flexibility, ease of assembly and safety.

As well as featuring different cross sections and thickness, our rack supported mezzanine uprights are also available in a wide range of lengths. They can be supplied as single pieces up to 12 metres long. Special joints can be used to obtain lengths exceeding 20 metres, respecting the holes pitch. The frames are made by coupling two uprights together via a trellis. Arrangement of diagonals and link bars made from ribbed “C” sections.  All joints are bolted.

SA Mezzanine’s Rack Supported mezzanine is more than just racking, rather it represents a system whose versatility and flexibility allow the creation of multiple storage solutions. More than fifty years’ experience, a highly professional technical staff, and the synergy among the different. Ferretto Group Business Units mean that customers are offered a design and quotation service that ensures the most suitable solutions to specific needs, together with the best possible value for money.