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Warehouse mezzanine floor

Warehouse mezzanine floors

A free-standing warehouse mezzanine floor enables you to double your storage area. The design options are
unlimited. Various support patterns,carrier profiles and floor coverings are implemented. Depending on your needs. Naturally, these constructions are also available as multi-tier installations.

Easily double your warehouse space with a mezzanine system from SA Mezzanine. Our comprehensive line of panel elements and module types allows a variety of layout options. Our wide range of standard options for the modular mezzanine systems meets just about every requirement regarding dimensions and load capability. They are easily customizable to your site

Save money by installing a warehouse mezzanine floor

Why move into a more expensive building or spend big on more storage space.  You can rather invest in a mezzanine floor. The beauty of a mezzanine is that they are custom made to suit your existing space. They can increase space at a much lower cost than regular alternatives

Safety of a mezzanine 

Safety is always a sign of good quality. Thanks to our superior materials, our mezzanine systems offer guaranteed payloads of 250 kg/m² to 1,000 kg/m². The structural design of our mezzanine systems offers not only a high degree of stability. It also offers a maximum amount of safety for your warehouse. Use the modular mezzanine systems from SA Mezzanine to expand your existing warehouse. Modular mezzanine systems from SA Mezzanine feature a quick and easy bolt assembly. Take advantage of your available space with our extensive selection of system components. Simply build any design a layout.

Warehouse mezzanine floors increase the value of your property. The mezzanine floor will literally pay for itself in the long term. Whether you own the building or not, it makes sense to install an extra mezzanine floor.

Our warehouse mezzanine floor experts will be able to create the floor within short time frames. Building added storage space will take a lot longer. It will also be more expensive. Mezzanine installations commonly take place after hours thereby minimizing downtime and disruption.

Well-designed warehouse mezzanine floors can be dismantled. This means that they can be moved to another location. It also means that it is an investment in the form of a removable asset. So if you do not own the property then you can take the structure with you should you move.

Flexible design options

Our professional mezzanine designers will create a floor that will benefit the existing space. The expert will also take into account your specific needs. And then reassembled in another format to suit a different space.